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The Economic Development Department exists to strengthen, diversify, and grow the local Kimball economy.  Our goal is to generate economic health and vitality in the Kimball community for the well-being of its citizens through activities directed at employers, employees, and business activities that can be correlated to creating and retaining good jobs, increasing population, and enhancing opportunity and prosperity.  Responsibilities include but not limited to:

  • Act as the town liaison and business advocate between the town and local industry
  • Facilitate, develop, and coordinate business development programs to retain, expand, and support industries
  • Recruit and market to new businesses to enhance the local economy and diversify services
  • Create and encourage positive community relations and advocate for local businesses
  • Respond to any general business attraction or business retention and expansion economic development requests
  • Provide on-going assistance from the town and partnering organizations

Economic Development is handled by the City of Kimball.  We are both governd by the City Council and an Economic Development Board.  In 2007, Kimball passed an Economic Development Plan (The Plan) through the vote of the people which puts a half-cent sales tax in place to use solely for Economic Development activities. The ED Board is responsible for those funds. 

Click here to view the Kimball Economic Development Plan


Annual Appointment

Roger Wynne - Chairman

Josh Enevoldsen - Vice Chair

Bob Abramson - Member

Tammy Land - Member

Larry Walker - Member

Adrian Fuss - Member