Décor & Design Tips to Follow When Moving Into New Home


As you know I love design. Whether it’s for a manicure or a new car – I want the best designs. Actually, speaking of design – I went to try my bridal makeup yesterday and it looks amazing! Anyway, more on that later. Now it’s time to talk home design.

When it comes to design, it’s important to consider a range of decor ideas before moving into a new home. Generally, home decor trends aren’t only about new stylish furniture. Other home design elements can make your new environment feel great. However, this article will help you to learn the basic decor ideas for a new home. 

Plan Early With a Reasonable Budget

While preparing a list of home interior decors, it’s good to keep an eye on a realistic budget. Check if you can afford a stunning interior design before settling for what’s affordable. Early preparation helps to manage expectations and failures. It’s normal to come up with unrealistic decor ideas when planning to move to your new home. 

Sometimes, it’s the excitement of leaving the old neighbourhood that triggers a mindset of using stylish elements. However, people shouldn’t only make decisions by the flawless home decorations on catalogues, and glossy magazines. Instead, they should make a checklist, and plan a budget for the design project. 

Flooring Options

When you plan to move to a bigger home, it requires more decor and design ideas. It’s better to hire an interior decor expert for guidance. These experts might have portfolios with appealing design ideas. Every homeowner needs to create an inviting feel. Installing new floor materials like carpet, hardwood, and tiles is a major project. 

Usually, rugs need underlays to make the floor comfortable. Choose materials that are easy to clean, and they should allow you to track specks of dirt. If you are thinking of using hardwood, it should be a polished and scratch-proof design. Get a flooring installer to handle the project at least a day or two before doing the paint job.

Get Accurate Measurements before Buying Furniture

The layout of your new home determines its design elements and furniture arrangements. You’ll need accurate measurements for furniture. Items like sofa, bed, side tables, stools, and cabinets should be designed to fit. If the furniture in your old home doesn’t suit your new space, you might need a new set.  Since every room in the house has unique dimensions, focus on furnishing one room at a time. 

It’s better to use the measuring tape than your eyes.  Also, the customized design of home interiors doesn’t have to be an expensive luxury. It will help you to plan better when designers provide furniture with eye-catching shapes and styles.

Take One Step at a Time

It might be a waste of money to buy every item for your new home at once. You can save some money for other essentials by keeping a mix of old, and new decor items. Creating a dream house requires some personal touches of special decor elements. However, you should avoid the temptations of buying everything at once. 

In space design, every new home needs a feel of the old memories. Also, making a huge purchase in one go can be a mistake. With a range of your old home interiors, designers can complement a few new elements.

Lighting Is Important

Do you want to enhance the interiors of your house with lighting effects? Lighting is an important aspect of home interior elements. Chandeliers, ceiling scone, table-top lamps, reading spotlights, and motion-sensor fixtures. Installing light fixtures in the right spots can illuminate and improve your living area.

Be Generous With Colors

Don’t paint a room with furniture in it, because it can ruin your furniture. It’s better to paint an empty room without mirrors, draperies, closets, and furniture. If you are a DIY-enthusiast, ask friends and neighbours to help you decide on colours. However, you might need to prep the wall or ceiling before painting. Since it’s a new home, you might not need major patching. 

Instead, some priming, trim works, and application of base coats are necessary. While ceilings are brighter with white colours, light beige makes a great background colour.

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