Money saving renovation ideas

how to save money on renovations

The period of renovation is always an opportunity to discard home accessories that are not worth keeping and make extra earnings. Selling some old possessions and building fittings might not offer high values. However, the money generated from selling them can fund the renovation budget. Here are some cost-saving steps to consider before pulling down the walls of your home.

Make Garage Sales

Homeowners can make some money by selling old furniture in the living room, light fittings, chandeliers, home appliances, and faucets. Usually, people perform garage sales after renovating their homes. However, some homeowners might prefer their privacy and advertise their old belongings on retail websites (like ‘Craigslist or OfferUp’) that sell used products. Some of the items could go for less than a penny, but it’s a profitable way of decongesting your storeroom of junks.

Buy Used Products

If you have a tight budget, you can purchase second-hand materials instead of reusing old stuff. There are websites like eBay where you can be used items that have been recently bought. Homeowners should avoid buying used electrical fittings because substandard materials increase the risk of fire outbreaks. However, second-hand products like garden chairs and indoor furniture can be purchased at reasonable prices. Some websites that offer used products have limited warranty period and offer a refund for buyers of defective products. So, it’s proper to inspect the used goods when they are delivered.

Reuse Kitchen Materials

Kitchen remodeling often takes the bigger part of renovation budgets. The smartest way to save cost is to salvage materials and fixtures by upgrading and reusing them. Kitchen cabinet doors, countertops, and tiles can be polished. If there’s any material that can’t be reused, add them to the list of items for garage sales. Apart from saving money during renovations, upgrading your kitchen materials can transform your home, and increase its value.

Deploy Your DIY Skills

Instead of hiring local contraction for the oddest task during renovations, you apply your do-it-yourself (DIY) skills. The cost of manpower can be reduced to save cost when homeowners solicit the support of relatives and friends that have the competence to handle the task. More so, the world is a global village that allows people to learn special skills by watching tutorial videos online. Instead of YouTube tutorial videos, homeowners could hire freelancers at a lower rate to join the renovation team.

Ditch the Big Brands

Big brands of home appliances cost more even though they might not necessarily be better than their competitors. Most homeowners carrying out renovation works might not know that products with lower prices don’t translate to less quality. There are alternatives to old manufacturers of home products that are bigger brands. Usually, when budgets are too tight to accommodate a big brand, smart buyers find alternatives in smaller brands that offer the same value.

Use Only Improved Products

Fit your home with improved products that will stand the test of time. The best way to save cost is not to have expenditures for replacement in the nearest future. Buying longer-lasting products while renovating your home should be a top priority. Light fixtures with sensors, energy-saving LED bulbs, rainwater harvestings systems, and solar light installations can save homeowners some money.

Watch Out For Discounted Sales

Before making big purchases, check your calendar for periods when retailers and wholesalers offer discounted sales. Usually, Black Friday, holidays, summer, and end-of-year sales are periods for good deals. Bathroom fittings, appliances, furniture, and power tools always feature during promotional sales. Homeowners can enjoy 10% discount and save money while renovating.


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