The best way to communicate with potential buyers

communicate with clients

Convincing homebuyers to go for that property could be an uphill task. Usually, spoken and text
communication serves as official information exchange with potential buyers of real estate.
Communicating and bargaining with people that you can see in real-time are like playing mind
games with them. This mode of communication must be done professionally to avoid
overwhelming them with boring content.

Email Communication

This is the fastest way of targeting potential homeowners that fall within your preferred
demographics. Most property management agencies use online tools to gather email address and
launch bulk emails at their targets. More so, Google Mail and other email service providers have
trackers that inform the sender when the mail has been read. In the past when hard copy letters
were sent to prospective buyers' mailboxes, there was no way to monitor the effectiveness of this
traditional method. However, while emailing urgent messages to clients that are interested in the
listed property, your administrative desk can also include webinar videos. Webinar and walk-
through videos help potential buyers see every part of the property without inspecting it. Usually,
tech-savvy real estate secretaries can set automatic response features for prompt feedbacks.

How to Write Introductions

It’s important to learn the basics of letter writing before reaching out to potential homebuyers or
tenants. Before sending a follow-up email, it's proper to send an introduction message of your
organization and information regarding the property. The introduction email is psychological; it
prevents the mind of your client from thinking there's an invasion of their personal space. Don't
bore potential clients with too much information, instead, send a snippet that displays the value
of your services.

Here’s what an introduction email looks like:

Hi Mandy,

I am glad you recently signed-up for e-Alerts on our website and real estate newsletter that gives
current information on listings in your area. However, if you have requested for these services in
error, what we offer can also be of value to you. I can assure you that buying, selling or renting a
home is exciting because, over the past 5 years, I have used the preferences of clients to offer
them much value. Here’s a short snippet about our services. I’ll respond swiftly if you have any

Send Follow Up Emails

When sending marketing emails to potential homebuyers, it's expected for many them not to
respond immediately. However, you must be ready to send follow-up emails in the form of
scheduled newsletters. Send the links of your company's real estate blog post to clients. More so,
you can tag clients with your company's Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts. Tagging or
mentioning their handles in your posts gives them an idea of a vast network.

Don’t forget that potential real estate clients prefer realtors that are popular; it gives them higher levels of
confidence in your brand.

Send Testimonial Emails

Your scheduled newsletter and blog posts will need to be backed by evidence and testimonials
from clients. The goal of testimonial emails is to trigger negotiations between potential
homebuyers, sellers, tenants and the real estate agent. Most times, seeing evidence from past
deals help to support believing. While taking your organization’s marketing drive to the next
level, verifiable personal testimonials are key. Here’s an example:

Hi Mandy,
I hope you found time to review our newsletters and browse the catalog of property we listed in
my previous email. However, I will be sending more updates on current real estate market and
how to take advantage of these offers. Kindly watch the webinar video by downloading the
attached file; it contains testimonials from clients that have benefited from our offers.

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